What Are The Important Hormones?


Our body consists of many hormones. The role of the hormone is to ensure to proper functioning of the body in various aspects. For example, growth hormones are responsible for proper muscle growth. Sex hormones are mainly responsible for boosting the sex drive. When the sex hormones are reduced, then the libido is decreased and the ageing signs surface on the skin quickly. For those, who are expecting better sexual health can have a visit at the website of HealthGAINS. Apart from increased libido, the sex hormones play a vital role in enhancing overall health. To learn more about overall health and related topics, you may visit www.livestrong.com.

There are many options available to restore the levels of hormones such as patches, creams, pellets and supplements. Now let us have a brief look into some of the important hormones in male and female. Estrogen is a hormone, which is found in greater amounts in women. Its main function is to aid in growth and development in the body. This hormone also plays an important role in the reproduction process in female. This hormone is available in three forms namely estrone, estradiol and estriol. Estradiol is considered as a major player. Deficiency of estradiol could result in decreased libido, hair loss, inflammation, fatigue, weaker bones and dry skin.

Progesterone is considered as one of the important hormones for female. This hormone plays a huge role in making the pregnancy successful. Deficiency of this hormone could lead to miscarriage. Progesterone works with estrogen maintain ideal cholesterol levels, strengthening bone and increase libido. An excessive level of progesterone could result in dizziness, fatigue and increased appetite.

Testosterone is an important hormone for men. Female contains very low amount of testosterone. For men, this hormone is plays a major role in maintaining the masculinity. Ideal level of testosterone could result in better muscle strength, bone strength and increased stamina. This hormone is also important for increasing the libido in men. With the reduced level of testosterone, men will have lack of interest in sex and can also cause erectile dysfunction.

Ideal pregnenolone can help in maintaining better cognitive function, cardiovascular health, etc. DHEA is a hormone that is produced by adrenal glands. The levels of DHEA will reduce with age. With reduced DHEA, our body experience conditions like mood swings, fatigue and other cognitive ailments.

Hormone replacement therapy is one of the effective therapies to restore the hormone levels. Though this therapy could be expensive, it produces highly effective results. You can find hormone therapy being offered at various places. But what is more important is finding a good place. The effectiveness of the treatment depends on the skill and efficiency of the practitioner as well. So, make sure that you find a clinic that is run by highly skilled and trained doctor or specialist.

Hormones are vital to keep our life going at full speed. With lack of essential hormone, you will find your life very dull and sad. The hormone therapy can give a new lease of life for those people with lack of hormone.

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