Sexual Wellness And Testosterone – What Every Man Should Know

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Sexual wellness is as important as keeping any other part of the body healthy. To lead a well-fulfilled life where an individual is happy physical and mental health should be in tip-top shape. Being sexually attractive and satisfactorily performing are crucial parts of a healthy mind. Low libido or any other sexual issue can weigh heavily on the mind leading to problems. This is why HealthGains has made it their mission to work towards it. In this article, we focus on the hormone testosterone and its effect on male sex drive. For an overall fitness of body, we recommend you It is one of the more comprehensive sites working towards the goal of fit physique.

A study that was done in Massachusetts on men coughed up these statistics. More than ten percent of the men had reduced sex drive. When they were tested, 28% of them turned out to have low testosterone. The average age of the men in the study was only forty-seven. The research proved that lower levels of testosterone could affect performance, sex drive, and erectile dysfunction. Though, it was also noticed that a minimal number of men suffer from erectile dysfunction just because of low testosterone. Generally, it is a combination of lack of hormone with another health problem that leads to ED.

Besides a low hormone level, a male libido is also dependant on stress, medical illness, depression and lack of sleep. Because of these other factors, researchers and scientists have not been able to create a clear picture of how the male hormone increases or decreases libido. For example, what for some men would be a low libido may turn out to be normal sex drive for another at the same level of testosterone. Plus, sleep deprivation or too much stress can also affect the ability to perform. Therefore, unraveling the mystery of hormone and libido becomes even harder. An opportunity to have intercourse also comes into the mix.

Further, it is also noted that as the age of the male gender increases there is a drop in libido. The sex drive of a man peaks from his teenage years to his twenties. Even more confusing is the fact that for each man libido varies. All these issues lead to one point – finding what is the standard range of male libido is hard. The only way to know the issue is if the man in question says he has a problem or his partner. Though low testosterone has a direct connection to sex drive, the symptoms need not equal to no libido at all.

In some men, it was found that even at a low level of the hormone they could maintain their sex drive. An inverse case has also been noted. Even at adequate levels of testosterone, libido lagged. Here the other factors we stated above come into play. What is for sure is that if testosterone is lowered enough, every man will feel a reduction in sex drive. Hormone therapy can significantly improve libido and satisfaction.

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