Asbestos Testing & 3 Considerations Before Choosing The Right Firm

Asbestos Testing

There was a time when asbestos was touted for its many uses. One could use this natural mineral to insulate buildings, to resist heat and acid, to reinforce cement, plastic, plaster or any other material. It was used in construction densely and extensively. That day has long gone by. Now, people look for asbestos testing experts SERS when they think of buying or moving into a new property just to ensure that the mineral is not present. The most notorious recognised industrial human carcinogen, as so-called by, was titled hazardous in the late 80s.

To test the presence of the extremely harmful chemical and to handle it carefully unique skill and expertise are required. Asbestos can affect in two ways. One is the indoor air quality (IAQ). People living in apartments and homes that were made with asbestos-containing construction material are at a high risk. Asbestos has shown long-term side-effects. The second way asbestos affects humans is when it becomes airborne. In this form, the product is extremely carcinogenic and causes fatal health problems.

Asbestos becomes airborne when any building containing it is renovated or demolished. It can also happen when materials that have asbestos in it are disturbed in any form. The only way to guarantee that a building has no trace of the hazardous material is to get it tested. A place you own, a place you work at or a place you live in all must be checked for asbestos-containing products to ensure total safety. The same applies for properties that might be under consideration for destruction or renovation.

Every space which is inhabited by humans should be tested by skilled and authorised professional, at the first possible chance. There are some things an individual should evaluate before hiring an environmental service provider.
1. Choose a reputable company that has a long history of performing asbestos testing. A comprehensive test can only be conducted by a firm that has years of experience. They are capable of judging every situation. An in-depth know-how is needed to correctly sample, test, diagnose and consequently remove the material. An assessment that leads to a proper call to action strategy requires accurate sampling and practices. All this can be provided only by a renowned firm.
2. The test should be done as early as possible. This is not only important because there are fewer chances of health issues occurring, but it also reduces the probability of legal action. Legal proceedings can be taken by workers or residents if it turns out that the property has asbestos in it. Testing can also increase the value of the building. Therefore, it makes you money in the long run.
3. The test should be done by an accredited firm whose results are permissible and defensible in court, in case a lawsuit is filed. Ensure that the labs that are used by the company are third party and independent, so there is no conflict of interest.

Every person has the right to feel safe in the place they work or live. Get your building checked and assessed for the hazardous material today!

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